Oct 2017. New MOOCs on off-grid electricity access! Scholarships available (...)

Oct. 2017. Coming soon: New Technical Briefs on energy, Institute of the Francophony for Sustainable Development (...)

Sept 2017. 3rd meeting of the SUMAS network (Energy Sustainability, Environment and Society). UAEM, Mexico.

Sept 2017. Capacity-building, Energy Policy & Economics. ENDA and IFDD.

Sept 2017. Final meeting, “Assistance to EU Member States in developing national greenhouse gas projections”. E4SMA, ICF, DG Clima.

August 2017. Preparation of the training on TIAM-WORLD. EU-Korea ETS project (...)

March 2017. Visit in Guatemala - Safe handling of LPG for cooking. With Public Health Institute and Gentegas

Feb 2017. Refugees camp in Rwanda - Impacts on gender based violence of cleaner cooking solutions. With PLAN International, John Hopkins Univ. and GACC.

Nov 2016. National workshop on renewable energy in Mali for Energía sin Fronteras (...)


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Eneris is an independent consultancy specialized in research, analysis and capacity-building in energy and climate strategies.

Eneris collaborates with international bodies, research institutions, consultancies, non governmental organizations sharing the same desire to reach social impacts and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable World.

Energy system monitoring, low carbon energy policy definition, sustainable energy access planning, clean cooking solution promotion, stakeholder liaison. Projects were implemented in Europe, Africa, North and Central America.

Development and application of integrated energy and environment models, more particularly the techno-economic TIMES models, to support energy and environment decision-making at the local, European and global levels.

European Commission, Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable, Public Health Institute, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, ENDA-Energy, HELIO International, Energía sin Fronteras, EOI-Madrid, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Kanlo, Esmia, E4sma, Energy Technology System Analysis Program.

Eneris was created in 2009 and is based in Madrid, Spain. Learn more...