Coordination of Sustainable Energy Webinars. Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (Canada).

Building Capacity for Enhancing Bioenergy Sustainability through the use of GBEP indicators in Ethiopia and Kenya. United Nations (Environment).

Member of the SUMAS network (Sustainability, Energy, Environment and Society). University of Morelos States, Mexico.

Study of the Impacts of Clean Cooking in Humanitarian Camps of Rwanda: Support on clean cooking fuels and technologies. Plan International Spain, John Hopkins University, for the Alliance for Clean Cooking.

PRISME: Coordination of the Technical Notes of the International Program on Energy Management (PRISME). Institute of Francophony for Sustainable Development (Canada).

Energy Policy and Economics: Trainer in Africa. ENDA-Energy, Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (Canada).

Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy in Mali: Evaluation of the energy regulatory framework, scale-up and sustainability of rural electrification and renewable energy in Mali. Energía sin Fronteras (Spain). EuropeAid project.

Clean Household Energy Guatemala: Strategic analysis of the social enterprise Gentegas, market research with LPG users and socially responsible enterprises, elaboration of an action plan for the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).  Public Health Institute.

Clean Cookstoves and Fuels in Guatemala: Guatemala Country Action Plan (+ annexes) and Sector Mapping Assessment of the fuel and cookstove sector. Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Energy and Climate Policies in Africa: Technical lead of the projects Energy, Ecodevelopment and Resilience in Africa, and Climate proofing energy policies in Togo, Mali, Benin, Cameroon. HELIO-International (France).

Biomass and Energy Access: Lead of the group “Biomass for energy access”, Energía sin Fronteras (Spain). Coordination and publication of the Guide Bioenergy to promote sustainable energy access (ES) of remote areas of South America.

Air Quality/Clean Development Mechanism: Analysis of opportunities in urban transport in Asia. Curb-Air project, Intelligent Energy Europe.

Transport and Environment in Ivory Coast for Transport 2000 Quebec.

CDM Technologies and Projects in Africa and Central America for GENIVAR (Canada).

Urban Waste Management in Ivory Coast (NESDA) and promotion of efficient cooking stoves in Mali (GRAT).

Director of two MOOCs on off-grid electricity access (EOI-Madrid, Rooter, InnoEnergy).

Assistance to EU Member States in developing national greenhouse gas inventories (DG Clima).

Scientific coordination of two books: “Limiting Global Warming to Well Below 2 Degrees” (2018) et Informing energy and climate policies using energy systems models” (2016)Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program IEA-ETSAP, Springer.

Best practices in energy efficiency in Mexico.

E-Technology Data Source of IEA-ETSAP on biomass and biogas for energy.

Case study on energy efficiency in Spain.

Analysis of World energy resources, challenges and policies.

Analysis of World sustainable bioenergy potential and challenges.

Modeling and analysis of measures and policies in the transportation sector in Quebec.

Training on TIAM-WORLD. EU-Korea ETS project.

Enhancing Robustness and Model Integration for The Assessment of Global Environmental Change (ERMITAGE, EC, FP7)

Integrated infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage in the West Mediterranean (COMET, EC-FP7).

Emission scenarios (Latin American Modeling Project, Asian Modeling Exercise, Energy Modeling Forum, IPCC-AR5, IPCC-SRRN).

Contribution to the REMAP2030 analysis (Global Roadmap for Renewables) in collaboration with IRENA-ETSAP.

Codevelopment of the global TIMES Integrated Assessment Model (TIAM-WORLD).

Support to climate mitigation and adaptation in Midi-Pyrenees (Climate change impacts and management, France)

Evaluation of Post-Kyoto climate negotiations (Climate change impacts and management, France).

Risk of Energy Availability, Common Corridors for Europe Supply Security (REACCESS, EC-FP7).

Evaluation of Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (RETD, International Energy Agency).

Probabilistic Long-Term Assessment of New Energy Technology Scenarios (PLANETS, EC-FP7).

Technology-Oriented Climate Cooperation and Strategies in India & China (TOCSIN project, EC-FP6).

Renewable Energy Sources 2020 (RES2020, Intelligent Energy for Europe).

Greenhouse Gas control in Canada: technology and policy analysis / Energy Security for Quebec (GERAD, Canada) .

International cooperation

Research and modeling

Other studies